Patient Quality & Innovation

Valor Health Quality Reporting

At Valor Health Services, our focus is not just on delivering excellent care but also developing innovative models, without any federal and state incentives or grants, that improve the quality and delivery of primary medical care at each of our practices.

For example, we have utilized telehealth programs for over a decade, and continue to grow rural health services areas to provide world-class care in patients home.

Four categories of external supports, which can be used alone or in combination, can assist practices with quality improvement:

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  • Data feedback and benchmarking provide practices with information on their performance, as compared to external benchmarks (such as regional or national averages), and help target areas for improvement.
  • Practice facilitation (or coaching) by external organizations helps practices develop skills and organize their approach to quality improvement, provides quality improvement tools and expertise, and helps them troubleshoot challenges or barriers.
  • Expert consultation (also called peer-to-peer mentoring) provides practices with specific evidence-based knowledge from clinicians and staff outside the practice.
  • Shared learning or learning collaboratives provide a community in which practices can share challenges, lessons learned, and best practices and draw motivation and inspiration.