Care Management

If you qualify for our Primary Care or Palliative Care programs, we offer Care Management to those with chronic and advanced illnesses.

Care Management assists patients and caregivers with pulling together the many pieces needed to sustain a better quality of life. At Valor, we focus on bringing that care right to you and helping you received coordinated care.

It is time for managed care by Valor when you or a loved one:

  • Is frustrated in trying to contact medical professionals
  • Is feeling overwhelmed deciding what the next path should be
  • Is giving up on trying to get appointments set because of voicemails and long delays in conversation
  • Is spending time researching to better understand what is happening
  • Is having a hard time getting to and from appointments
  • Is not sure how the many specialists, doctors, lab works and prescriptions all fit together

Depending on your circumstance, we can bring the nurse practitioners, physicians, prescription deliveries, labs, xrays, and more right to you.

Don't give up or feel overwhelmed - we have coordinated Care Management for you!

New to Valor? Here’s what you can expect.

  • Valor will schedule an in-home medical visit.
  • At our in-home visit, we provide an exam, discuss your goals and how our services can help you; including filing care forms and scheduling future visits.
  • We become your main point-of-contact for healthcare needs.
  • We will work directly with your insurance provider during your introduction to Valor Health Services.

Please contact us today to help you or your loved ones. Call (520) 777-7725

Why Valor Health Services?

Our medical doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses bring modern medicine to your home so that you can focus on your quality of life. Routine visits are scheduled around your schedule.

Covered by your Health Plan

Valor is currently contracted with the following health plans. However, we are always expanding. Please call us to verify coverage at (520) 777-7725.

  • Medicare
  • United Healthcare
  • OptumCare
  • BlueCross BlueShield Commercial (Verify: Individual Provider Contracts Only)
  • Blue Advantage
  • Amerigroup
  • TriCare
  • Humana
  • Mercy Care
  • Banner University Health Plans

*Most of the time there are no bills for this holistic approach to your care.


No Waiting Room

You can avoid waiting rooms and you can limit needing transportation to clinical professionals.

Coordinated Care

Valor is your single source to coordinate your care, including working with your other doctors and medical providers. We also work with your insurance carrier, ensuring communication occurs with everyone involved. We work with your specialists and other providers such as therapists, home health, and medical equipment companies. Often, mobile labs and mobile x-rays can be done right in your residence.

Reduced Stress & Time

Patients, families and caregivers are amazed that high-level clinical partners visit their homes and spend quality time to address many issues and provide care plans. A trusted provider for more peace of mind.

Care After the Hospital

We meet you at your home after hospital discharge, to review your discharge instructions and coordinate follow-up appointments, including working closely with your pharmacy. We strive to avoid any readmissions to hospitals.

Need Help Finding Care Now?

Valor Health Services for Care (520) 777-7725